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Used in combination with a Bien-Air micromotor, the microsaws guarantee that surgical work can be carried out with confidence.
Extremely fine, sophisticated instruments, developed in order to meet the ever more demanding requirements of modern microsurgery.
The quick connect coupling allow easy blade changing, no more key needed.
The saws are provided with extra-thin blades which allow bone loss to be reduced to the minimum.
The blade’s internal irrigation directs the physiological liquid precisely onto the cutting surface, guaranteeing optimal cooling.

Microsaws G2

Compass microsaw G2: REF1600568-001
Oscillating microsaw G2: REF1600657-001
OSSEOSCALPEL Microsaw G2: REF1600656-001


G2 microsaws blades

- Osseoscalpel, oscillating and compass
- High quality blades for precise cuts
- Extra-thin blades for minimum bone loss


Sterilization tray for Microsaws

Our customised tray has been conceived to fit in with:
- 4 microsaws
- 1 80K/BASCH micromotor
- 1 sterilisation box for saw blades

400 x 50 x 250 mm (LxHxW)

REF 1700441-001


Microsaws blades

Blades for previous generation Sagittal, osseoscalpel, oscillating and compass microsaws.

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