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Sterilization trays, sprays…

Aquacare spray

To remove physiological salt water solutions from the ducts.

Aquacare cleaning spray 500 ml, box of 6 cans:
REF 1600617-006



Spraynet Cleaning spray for instruments and equipment.
Dissolves impurities.

Follow the instructions accompanying each instrument.

Spraynet Cleaning spray 500 ml, box of 6 cans:
REF 1600036-006


Lubrifluid spray

Effective Lubricant that prolongs the life of your instruments and ensures correct operation.

Lubrifluid 500 ml lubrication spray, box of 6 cans:
REF 1600064-006


Sterilization tray for PM2 handpieces and micromotors

Our customised tray has been designed to fit in with:
- 2 straight or angled PM2 heavy duty handpieces
- 2 PM2 heavy duty nose
- 2 Cranio guard 10 or 15mm
- 1 Cranio guard 25mm
- 1 straight or angled PM2 slim handpieces
- 1 NANO micromotor and its cable
- 1 RAPIDO micromotor and its cable
- 1 PM PERFO handpiece and its cable

400 x 65 x 250 mm (LxHxW)

REF 1600949-001


Sterilisable bur-holder

For 16 pieces with shank Ø 2.35 mm and PM2 burs

REF 1600306-001

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