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- Straight heavy duty handpiece can be used for drilling and craniotomy with irrigation system inside the handpiece
- Slim PM2 handpieces
- Straight or angled
- 70; 95; 125 and 150 mm lenght

PM2 heavy duty handpieces

These handpieces are up to 51% lighter and 37% shorter than the previous generation. Handling your instrument requires less effort, leading to greater accuracy in your movements and less fatigue at the end of the operation.
Heavy duty handpieces have a new irrigation system inside the instrument which gives a better view and an optimum cooling of the handpiece.
Bien-Air coupling for the micromotor and dedicated Bien-Air burs.

Compatible with NANO and RAPIDO micromotor.

Straight, 70mm, heavy duty handpiece PM2-S70HD: REF 1600831-001
Angled, 70mm, heavy duty handpiece PM2-A70HD: REF 1600830-001


PM2 Cranio Guard for straight heavy duty handpiece

Cranio Guard are used with the straight heavy duty handpiece. They also have an internal irrigation which is delivered precisely to the cutting tool, thanks to two ducts placed at the end of Cranio Guard.

Cranio Guard 10mm rotating: REF1600880-001
Cranio Guard 10mm fix: REF1600912-001

Cranio Guard 15mm rotating: REF1600879-001
Cranio Guard 15mm fix: REF1600913-001

Cranio Guard 25mm fix: REF1600887-001


PM2 slim handpieces

The slim line has been designed for delicate drilling with an external irrigation and 4 different handpieces lengths.

Compatible with NANO and RAPIDO micromotor.

Straight, 70mm, slim handpiece PM2-S70: REF 1600767-001
Straight, 125mm, slim handpiece PM2-S125: REF 1600977-001
Straight, 150mm, slim handpiece PM2-S150: REF 1600978-001
Angled, 70mm, Slim handpiece PM2-A70: REF 1600765-001
Angled, 95mm, Slim handpiece PM2-A95: REF1600768-001
Angled, 125mm, Slim handpiece PM2-A125: REF 1600769-001
Angled, 150mm, Slim handpiece PM2-A150: REF 1600766-001

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