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 Micromotors and motorized handpieces for Neuro Find products

For delicate drilling work, for lenghty procedures requiring drilling power, for craniotomy, Bien-Air Surgery has the micromotor or the handpiece that you need.

NANO micromotor

For delicate work.
Its reduced size and weight guarantee better handling and less fatigue at the end of the treatment procedure.
The Nano is also notable for its extremely low sound level at the speed of 80’000 rpm: it creates no more noise than a whisper.
Compatible with OSSEODUO.

NANO micromotor with cable: REF1700501-001


RAPIDO micromotor

For lengthy procedures requiring more power.
With its remarkable torque, it facilitates cutting and copes with even the hardest materials.
Its directional self-ventilation guarantees constant performance and confortable use at the speed of 80’000 rpm.
Compatible with OSSEODUO.

RAPIDO micromotor with cable: REF1700503-001
RAPIDO micromotor without cable: REF1600895-001


PM PERFO perforator handpiece

The PM PERFO handpiece has an exceptional efficiency. Its very high torque lets it easily cut the hardest and thickest bones.
The PM PERFO handling and ergonomy will immediately seduce you.
The PM PERFO convinces also by the Hudson connection which offers compatibility with all perforator tools of this type.
Compatible with OSSEODUO.

PM PERFO handpiece with cable: REF1700500-001

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