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Burs, shaver blades, OSSEOSTAP burs…

PM2 burs

The PM2 range of burs reusable and sterile has been specially designed to be used with the PM2 handpieces at speeds of up to 80,000 rpm.
The new generation of PM2 burs can be extended up to 3 differents lengths.
A wide choice of diameter is available in different material like: stainless steel, carbide, diamond, diamond coarse…
Please contact us for further details.


Burs for E-type handpiece

- Reusable and sterile single use burs
- Tungsten carbide, stainless steel and diamond burs
- Shank diameter 2.35 mm
- Length: 44.5, 70, 95, 125 mm


Shaver blades

- Single use or reuseable
- All blades sterile packed
- Straight or curved 15°/ 40°/ 60°, convex or concave
- Double serrated, single serrated or smooth cut
- DCR (diamond and stainless steel) and cylindrical bur blades
- Adenoid and laryngeal shaver blades
- Usable length: 11 to 13 cm


OSSEOSTAP burs and perforator

Carbide burs, Diamond burs, Stainless steel perforator. Ø 0.5 mm to 2.30 mm, sterile packed, 1 piece/box 


Irrigation lines

Set of 10 single-use irrigation lines with a choice of two flow rate ranges according to the hose diameter: from 30 to 130 ml/min with the white silicon hose or from 15 to 65 ml/min with the green silicon hose

REF 1100037-010

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