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Ultra light handpiece used, as part of surgical operations, to insert Kirschner wires to help in osteosynthesis cases and for the correction of degenerative changes to the skeleton. The K-wire is used mainly in orthopedics and plastic surgery and is especially useful for hand surgery. A great advantage is the possibility of percutaneous placement.


Ultra light handpiece
REF 1600718-001

(sold non sterile and single use in boxes of 10 pieces)
Ø 0.8mm x 70mm REF 1100281-010
Ø 1.0mm x 70mm REF 1100282-010
Ø 0.6mm x 150mm REF 1100283-010
Ø 0.8mm x 150mm REF 1100284-010
Ø 1.0mm x 150mm REF 1100285-010
Ø 1.2mm x 150mm REF 1100286-010
Ø 1.5mm x 150mm REF 1100287-010

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