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4 control unit to answer your needs.

OSSEODUO: high level control, 3 unit in 1 (Shaver, drill and OSSEOSTAP mode), 80'000 rpm max.
OSSEOUNO: to drive the shaver handpiece S120 for the nose specialists.
OSSEODOC: compact and powerfull, the instrument of choice for the most eminent ear surgeons.
OSSEOSTAP: the discreet and practical battery-operated pedal for the OSSEOSTAP handpiece.

OSSEODUO: 3 in 1!

Developped for and by working surgeons, the OSSEODUO combines state-of-the-art performance, unrivalled versality and a huge choice of world's finest micromotors and instruments.
The OSSEODUO offers you rapid selection of 3 operating modes: shaver, drill or OSSEOSTAP (stapédotomy / ossiculoplasty).

Available sets :
- OSSEODUO + S120 handpiece + RAPIDO micromotor: REF1700521-001
- OSSEODUO + S120 handpiece + NANO micromotor: REF1700522-001
- OSSEODUO + micromoteur RAPIDO: REF1700523-001
- OSSEODUO + NANO micromotor: REF1700524-001
- OSSEODUO + S120 handpiece + 80K micromotor: REF1700249-001
- OSSEODUO + S120 handpiece: REF1700250-001
- OSSEODUO + 80K micromotor: REF1700251-001


OSSEOUNO: for nose specialists

The Bien-Air shaver control offers you cutting-edge features and small size. Fitted with the S120 handpiece, the system is easy to use, has a high performance level and the legendary reliability that is a feature of all Bien-Air products.
The OSSEOUNO system has been designed for shaping bones and for resection of soft and hard tissues as part of nose and throat surgical operations.
The OSSEOUNO motor can be programmed in continuous rotation or oscillating rotation mode.
You have a choice of five speeds. The OSSEOUNO is provided with an integrated peristaltic pump. Pump delivery is easily adjustable from 15 to 130 ml/min. by simply pressing a key.

Available set:
OSSEOUNO with pump + S120 handpiece: REF1700300-001


OSSEODOC: Compact & powerful

Simplicity, precision and high torque are the most valuable features of the OSSEODOC.

The integrated peristaltic pump allows fixed flow as well as a very unique way of irrigating on demand for extreme fine dosing down to one drop.

All features are also accessible from the multifunction foot pedal.

Available sets:
OSSEODOC with pump + BASCH-1 micromotor: REF1700525-001
OSSEODOC with pump + BASCH micromotor: REF1700168-001
DOC without pump + BASCH micromotor: REF1700169-001



The discreet and practical batterry-operated pedal (standard AA-batteries) controls the OSSEOSTAP handpiece.

Available set:
OSSEOSTAP + OSSEOSTAP handpiece : REF1700331-001

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