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For delicate drilling work, for lenghty procedures requiring drilling power or for the nose specialist, Bien-Air Surgery has the micromotor or the handpiece that you need.

NANO micromotor

For delicate work.
Its reduced size and weight guarantee better handling and less fatigue at the end of the treatment procedure.
The Nano is also notable for its extremely low sound level at the speed of 80’000 rpm: it creates no more noise than a whisper.
Compatible with OSSEODUO and PM2 handpieces.

NANO micromotor with cable: REF1700501-001


RAPIDO micromotor

For lengthy procedures requiring more power.
With its remarkable torque, it facilitates cutting and copes with even the hardest materials.
Its directional self-ventilation guarantees constant performance and confortable use at the speed of 80’000 rpm.
Compatible with OSSEODUO and PM2 handpieces.

RAPIDO micromotor with cable: REF1700503-001
RAPIDO micromotor without cable: REF1600895-001


BASCH-1 micromotor

The BASCH-1 is ideal for treatments that require power and endurance.
The BASCH-1 delivers an impressive maximum torque and a speed of 40,000 rpm.
Compatible with OSSEODOC and PM2 handpieces.

BASCH-1 micromotor with cable: REF1700502-001
BASCH-1 micromotor without cable: REF1600884-001



The OSSEOSTAP handpiece has been designed for micro-shaping during delicate operations of stapedotomy and ossiculoplasty of the middle ear

- Light weight (60 g without cable), small size
- Brushless and sensorless motor
- Reinforced, curved front tip
- Variable speeds up to 12'000 rpm
- A full range of carbide and diamond burs, from ø 0.5mm to ø 2.3mm
- The OSSEOSTAP can be controlled by the OSSEODUO control unit with software version 1.20 or higher or the new OSSEOSTAP foot control unit
- The OSSEOSTAP foot control unit is small, light (1.1Kg) and battery operated (8 x standards LR6 / AA batteries)

- Compact handpiece, very easy to set-up and operate
- Extreme precision and unique reliability
- Handpiece withstands cleaning in thermal washer and sterilization in steam autoclave

OSSEOSTAP handpiece with cable: REF 1600685-001


Shaver handpiece S120

The S120 handpiece with integrated micromotor is notable for its light weight, extreme precision and ease of handling.
With its unique ergonomics and integrated irrigation, the S120 stands out by its exceptional ease of handling and perfect balance. It ensures high-precision operations, even in areas that are difficult to access.
Compatible with OSSEODUO and OSSEODOC.

Shaver S120 handpiece with cable: REF 1700302-001


80K micromotor

Power and stability at all speeds.
The 80k is a high torque micromotor capable of working without jolts, in both directions of rotation, from 4’000 to 80’000 rpm. It is self-ventilated, which prevents any overheating, even during prolonged use.
It can accept all types of handpieces with the ISO 3964 coupling, the most commonly used in the world today.
Compatible with OSSEODUO.

80K micromotor with cable: REF 1700263-001


BASCH micromotor

Simplicity, precision and high torque are the most valuable features of the BASCH micromotor which enable surgeons to use a wide range of handpieces with the ISO 3964 coupling.
The high tech self cooled brushless BASCH micromotor operates smoothly without vibrations in both directions from 500 to 40’000 rpm.
Compatible with OSSEODOC.

BASCH micromotor with cable: REF 1700074-001

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