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Microsaws G2   

Used in combination with a Bien-Air micromotor, the microsaws guarantee that surgical work can be carried out with confidence.
Extremely fine, sophisticated instruments, developed in order to meet the ever more demanding requirements of modern microsurgery.
The quick connect coupling allow easy blade changing, no more key needed.
The saws are provided with extra-thin blades which allow bone loss to be reduced to the minimum.
The blade’s internal irrigation directs the physiological liquid precisely onto the cutting surface, guaranteeing optimal cooling.

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Dermatome for highly precise skin grafts   

Powered DERMATOME handpiece to harvest skin intended to be grafted

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Ultra light handpiece used, as part of surgical operations, to insert Kirschner wires to help in osteosynthesis cases and for the correction of degenerative changes to the skeleton. The K-wire is used mainly in orthopedics and plastic surgery and is especially useful for hand surgery. A great advantage is the possibility of percutaneous placement.

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